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Potoki Residence is a unique investment, located in a green and sheltered part of Pod Skocznią Park in Mokotów – the Warsaw district boasting the best tradition in urban house construction. Potoki Residence is a proposition for those seeking a combination of prestigious urban location and a discreet atmosphere that encourages the cultivation of family life. The residence’s cosiness is determined by the fact that it is composed exclusively of houses for one or more families, the biggest of which offers flats for a maximum of eight families. An element that guarantees the preservation of the residence’s elite and intimate character is the completion of each house according to a design alluding to classical models of Mokotów’s modernist architecture, being synonymous with refined simplicity and a profound understanding of the residents’ natural rhythm of life.


The urban character of Mokotów means easy access to a full spectrum of services, restaurants, shops, nurseries and schools of all levels.
The residence is located in close vicinity of parks: Pod Skocznią Park – an excellent jogging area and the lyrical English garden Królikarnia. These will give the residents the chance to make daily use of the capital’s most beautiful walking areas. The nearby Warszawianka Water Park, with its complex of swimming pools, squash courts and professional SPA facilities, together with the nearby Stegny Skating Rink are both an attractive supplement to the local leisure offer. The close vicinity of the public transport hub around Wilanowska underground station allows an extensive choice of public transport means, granting access to the very heart of Warsaw in a mere nine minutes.


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Potoki Residence creates the possibility of choosing between elegant, self-contained houses that guarantee full autonomy, luxury penthouses and comfortable flats in houses designed for several families.
Irrespective of the difference in floor space between 57 and 261 m2, each of the properties on offer retains its modernist functional division into a day zone and a recreation area, enabling household members to function comfortably and independently, and is also equipped with gardens and terraces of varying sizes or a spacious balcony.

The main advantage of the single family homes are the lounges, featuring fireplaces, with direct access to private gardens and the separated private areas located on top floors, with spacions bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms and studies dedicated to the family. Each house also has a garage with two parking spaces and a utility room. The penthouses, while retaining full functionality and comfort of urban houses, offer the possibility of using impressively sized terraces on the buildings’ rooftops, thus granting the view of Lower Mokotów’s charming panorama.

Elevator from<br />the garage<br />to the living room

Elevator from
the garage
to the living room



Multi-storey<br />apartment


Elevator from<br />the garage<br />to the living room

Living room
with fireplace

About Investor

Novisa Development – a trustworthy developer.

  • 3,000 satisfied clients
  • more than 1,000 completed houses, suites and flats
  • 16 years of market experience

Novisa Development, former Nasze Miasteczko Development, is one of the biggest developers operating on the Polish market, specializing in single-family residential construction. Being in business since 2001 we have completed, on the Warsaw agglomeration market, a dozen or so investment projects of the total floor area of over ninety thousand square meters, inhabited by several thousand of satisfied Clients. Our stable market position and long-standing experience are a guarantee of buying a house or a flat of your dreams in a sure and safe way.

We come from the principle that the place we live in is one of the most crucial elements of our life; therefore, we attach so much importance to friendly and unusual architectural solutions. We are able to do it thanks to the long-standing experience as well as openness to new trends and constant search for new inspirations. We do our best to satisfy your needs and expectations in a customized way.

Our priorities are: Client satisfaction, high standards of service and a constant pursuit to deliver the highest possible quality of the flats and houses we offer. We do take pains to fully deserve the title of a reliable developer and in this way guarantee purchase security.

Moreover, we do our best to support our Clients as professionally as possible at the stage of financing the purchase of the chosen flat or house. For this very purpose we have established our own department which will help you choose optimal financing.

We hope that while visiting our website you will feel… at home, the one of your dreams. Maybe this dream will come true any moment now. Feel invited!

What makes us different :

Our projects always have their special, cosy character. As a principle, no more than several families inhabit one building, and no more than several dozen of them live in the whole estate. We believe that only in such surroundings we can lead a really enjoyable life, in safety, among people we know, where we all can feel at home, where there is no anonymity so typical of high-rise housing estates. We always design our flats and houses in such a way as if we, ourselves, were to move in there. We constantly improve our projects having their functionality and originality in mind.

Our mission is also build affordable, compact houses, which are a perfect alternative to flats. Compact houses located in well-organized, safe estates are cheaper in maintenance than flats, at the same time offering such unique in urban conditions elements as own gardens or fireplaces. A house like this is a different quality of life without a doubt!

Our projects feature:

  • living room fireplaces,
  • separate gardens,
  • division into the day and night zones,
  • hospitable neighborhood,
  • above-standard storey height,
  • use of high-quality traditional materials,
  • energy saving,
  • large glazing.

Choosing Novisa Development guarantees a full understanding of the need to personally shape the space that is to become one’s home.